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What is CBD Oil?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an active compound naturally occurring in the cannabis plant.  This new discovery in the medical field is proving to work wonders on ailments such as Epilepsy, Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Depression, Arthritis, and even Dementia.  Science has recently discovered the endocannabinoid system in our bodies.  What this means is that through millennia of human evolution, we have developed receptors and are designed specifically to absorb CBD for healthier cellular function.  CBD oil may be consumed orally and also vaporized with E-liquid

More case studies are showing us that patients can dramatically reduce epileptic seizures with the regular use of CBD in its various forms.  CBD is a radpidly growing product because of this.  

Pure Hemp Oil has the powers to take many people off the dangerous path of heavy pharmaceuticals.

 Now proven over and over to bring relief to millions of people, CBD is a truly miraculous remedy for many health challenges humanity faces today.

CBD for MS


If you are struggling with some area of your health CBD will undoubtedly aid in your healing journey.  Since it helps with cellular function and communication, it will benefit all areas of your life.  You have much to gain from incorporating CBD into your daily regimen.  Today, doctors are very outspoken when it comes to the benefits of CBD oil.  Former U.S Attorney General also agrees.  So much so that he changed his stance on cannabis after studying the healing powers of CBD. In this video he breaks down some power points about it.  Luckily, for those afflicted with painful illness that CBD treats, It is completely legal in all 50 states in the US.  There are no laws agains buying CBD online.


CBD oil is completely legal in every state in the US.  Is non-psychoactive, therefore, it does not get you high.

Does CBD extract help treat Epilepsy?

Mother For CBD treatments

CBD oil is completely legal in every state in the US.  Is non-psychoactive, therefore, it does not get you high.

In 2017 The Cannabidiol industry is exploding at the seams.  This is a good thing because it is pushing producers of CBD and Hemp Oil products to deliver a much higher quality product than ever before.  When shopping for CBD you want to find the is highest potency medicine you can find.  We suggest organic products first and foremost. We look forward to keeping you updated and more test results come in.

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“Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is projected to be a billion-dollar market in just three years”-Brightfield Group


According to a new report by Brightfield Group The data company estimates that hemp CBD sales have already hit $170 million in 2016. Over the next half decade, it’s expected to hit a 55% compound annual growth rate and cause the market to crack the billion-dollar mark.

With less than 0.3% THC, hemp oil barley contains the psychoactive ingredient associated with marijuana.  It is also often used to treat various medical conditions. It is sometimes called hemp oil and it is sold in most states and online. This makes the product more accessible than marijuana-derived CBD, which some consumers believe is the more effective version of CBD, but can only be sold where marijuana is legal.

There is a great deal of confusion regarding the legal status of hemp and why these products are so readily available versus marijuana-based CBD products. In 2014, the Farm Bill stated that hemp was different from marijuana, yet the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) position is that hemp comes from the cannabis sativa plant and as such falls under the controlled substance act. In 2004, the Hemp Industry Association won a court case against the DEA from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled the DEA didn’t have the authority to ban hemp under the CSA. “By that federal court ruling, similar to non-scheduled hemp food products, this allows Medical Marijuana, Inc. to sell online and distribute to customers in all 50 U.S. states,” said Dr. Stuart Titus, the

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